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A phoneme filter made from formant filters.


This vowel filter provides A,E,I,O,U formants with control over center frequency and Q with smooth interpolation between formant sets with the phoneme control.


Due to the limited streaming quality it may be desirable to download each demo to listen to the raw recording (as flac where possible.) Downloads should be enabled for every demo track, if not please send a request and the track download can be enabled.


Vocal screenshot


The center frequency for the phoneme. This can be used to adjust the "size" to create with low settings "giant" or "god" and high settings "child" or "chipmunk" timbres. The mid setting is neutral.
This parameter scales over-all Q factor of all the formant filters. Low settings can produce very mild "crowd" timbres, high settings exaggerated and "synthetic" timbres. The mid setting is neutral.
This control sets the index to the phoneme table, fractional settings are possible to produce blends and "in-between" phonemes. The table includes A-E-I-O-U formants measured from an adult male speaking American English.


This plug-in requires a bit more work to improve the way phonemes are selected. As it is currently set up it is impossible to smoothly blend between A and U, for example. Such a feature may be out of the scope of Xhip Effects and limited to a more advanced vocal synthesizer rather than a simple effect.