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A polyphonic voice allocator which assigns notes to MIDI channels.


This MIDI plug-in can be applied to a polyphonic part to assign each note to a separate "voice" MIDI channel. It is a voice allocator which works the same as in any polyphonic synthesizer.

You can then use your host's features (if available) to split the MIDI part by channel into individual "voice tracks" and you can record each one of these individually using a single monophonic analog synthesizer, plug-in or otherwise as desired.

It is also possible to use this plug-in to process a polyphonic part or MIDI input from a controller optionally in real-time; while configuring one or multiple monophonic or polyphonic instruments or plug-ins to receive each individual MIDI channel from 1 to N (selected polyphony) to play back the polyphonic part across this array of devices all in real-time.


Due to the limited streaming quality it may be desirable to download each demo to listen to the raw recording (as flac where possible.) Downloads should be enabled for every demo track, if not please send a request and the track download can be enabled.


Notelogic screenshot


This plug-in is not yet part of the Xhip Effects bundle.

This effect is to be considered somewhat "alpha". The plug-in needs to be updated to use the same GUI/interface as the other effects in the bundle. At that point it may make sense to distribute it with the bundle.

These files contain only the Notelogic plug-in dll.

Windows Vista (recommended Windows 7 SP1 or greater.)
(This could be solved by request if anyone ever needed XP support.)


Voices (polyphony)
The number of voices to allocate to from 1 to 16. This parameter is limited by the number of MIDI channels available to which notes can be assigned.
Release time
The amount of time after a voice is released to consider the voice available for a new allocation. This parameter should be tuned to match the release time of the amplitude envelope. By marking voices as free after they are no longer audible it helps to reduce abrupt stealing of audible voices.
Recycle voices
Whether voices should be scanned for a previously released note matching the new note being assigned. If recycling is enabled the same voice will be stolen for each repeated/re-triggered note.
Just as the same strings would be re-struck by repeated striking of the same piano key; this can dramatically reduce the number of voices required to play back a polyphonic part without abrupt stealing of active voices.
Copy MIDI events
Copy MIDI CCs and other events across all target channels. Enabling this switch requires a lot more bandwidth to transmit pitch-bends and CC changes such as for a modulation wheel or similar; it is often required to duplicate events across all channels in order to have your instruments respond while they only receive events from a single assigned channel.
Auto reset
Automatically reset the voice-allocator upon the last active note being released. If for example middle-C was previously assigned to voice 3, the next assignment after all notes are released and auto-reset is enabled will be allocated to voice 1.


Please contact me via the mail page if you have any comments or requests with regard to the notelogic plug-in.

From my perspective this is a very simple effect with very few parameters which doesn't really need much else.