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Counterpart to the compressor for limiting with a simple design.


This limiter is designed for maximal sustain and minimal distortion. It aims to be as transparent as possible in terms of timbre without using any advanced techniques.


Limiter screenshot


Time for level to decrease to threshold.
Time to hold peak gain reduction once input level decreases.
Time for level to increase back to unity.
Signal above the threshold will trigger attack and decrease output gain.
Compression ratio from 1 to 1/inf.
Make-up gain applied after limiting to bring the signal back up to the desired level.
Percentage of attack time to "look ahead" when generating the envelope signal.


The peak and gain reduction meters are both peak (discrete) meters with an AR envelope: 1 ms attack, 250 ms release per 40 dB. These are not high accuracy meters but serve to aid the adjustment of local (inside the effect) dynamics parameters.

These meters include a peak text display which shows the peak level of the meter over the past 200 ms window.

The meters can be clicked to adjust the displayed range. The current version does not store this setting and it will reset to default when opening the GUI.


Hold time should be zero in most cases for general purpose limiting. This limiter was designed specifically with a raw synthesizer input in mind where the hold time should be set to equal the lowest pitch threshold for flutter elimination. At frequencies above that point this simple limiter should provide zero distortion.

I never have gotten around to making the algorithm work correctly although it does work well enough, it doesn't achieve the zero distortion it should be capable of.