What is alpha?

These are some of the latest alpha (untested/unstable) files that I've bothered to upload. For anything related to this stuff, please contact me via e-mail or the Xhip forum alpha thread[s]. "Unstable" in this case refers to the fact that features being worked on may change and compatibility is not guaranteed.

Alpha versions are essentially "direct from source" and represent the current work-in-progress version of the source code. Please keep in mind that these versions are only for testing. They could contain bugs or behave improperly or unexpectedly.

If you are interested in verifying a bug, asking for new features and other changes or testing the latest features the alpha version is for you. If you are interested in a free synthesizer for general use please use the latest stable release version (7) from the synth page.


29 Mar 2017

  • For version 8
    • Remove load/save init bank from menu and ignore any init bank file.
    • Update Xhip manual adding information about all new features.

Known bugs or issues

23 May 2017

If bugs are found please let me know and I'll update this list as well as my TODO.

Xhip 8 Issues:

Some features are nonintuitive (left/mid/right click on logo) and undocumented.
This requires an updated manual and the synthesizer now requires a short "getting started" chapter. Additional menu-trigger buttons (shift, alt, ctrl, middle, right) are not the best solution and sub-menus may improve ease of use.
There are remaining minor imperfections in import of v7 presets.
If this is noticed by anyone (mostly KBT-zeropoint related) please let me know. Currently it does not seem important enough to warrant further effort.


You've read the rules, right?

xhipeffects_32bit_alpha_r882.exe557k24 May 2017
[+] effects

I've switched to 7z format for the alpha. It can be extracted with 7-zip, a free archiver.

  • Windows Vista (recommended Windows 7 SP1 or greater)

    (this can be solved in the future, a compiler issue.)