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Xhip for MacOS

18 October 2017

I've uploaded an alpha version of Xhip for OSX.

This version lacks a GUI and requires some testing to ensure it is stable and works correctly in various hosts.

Xhip on Linux r1012

03 October 2017

I've updated the alpha for native Xhip synthesizer on Linux. This version includes embedded resources and should be trivial to install without extra steps.

The new version also includes an in-window messagebox implementation which should deal with the issues of (lack of) portable modality for xlib windows. This makes the plug-in far more usable.

Still to come are various improvements, fixes for a few remaining issues and a simplified file browser dialog.

Xhip Effects Alpha (resize/skinning)

26 September 2017

I've uploaded a new alpha version of the effects to the alpha page.

This version supports some basic GUI configuration allowing static resizing and replacement of knob strips, fonts and other bitmaps. This system is not yet very flexible but it does provide the foundational features of a full skinning system. (They say: "after the first 90% of the work comes the second 90%.")

I've posted about this on the KVR forum and I am looking for any comments or requests for features to be implemented in this system.

You can find information and instructions in the KVR thread. If interested you can either post to the thread, send a private message via KVR or email me via the xhip mail page.

New version of Xhip Effects

07 September 2017

I've updated the effects to a new minor version. This version doesn't include any significant changes but is necessary to maintain compatibility with future versions that include more significant changes like new knobs/parameters.

New features in this release: 6f

Effects now use chunks for preset data.
Anyone using the effects should upgrade and load/re-save any projects to ensure compatibility with future releases.
The compressor threshold parameter has changed very slightly for values very close to 100% but should otherwise not be noticed.
Updated compressor and limiter with parameter readouts.
Compressor threshold parameter is now more accurate.
The threshold parameter is actually inverted compression depth. It has been adjusted to correspond to the threshold in gain reduction given a 0 dB input. Due to the non-linear response however the display of this parameter in decibels is not otherwise accurate and is only a reasonable approximation.
New RC Filter effect with low-pass and high-pass modes.
This is a general-purpose filter most useful as a quick high-pass or low-pass. It performs the same as a single RC filter circuit (resistor and capacitor) which is the most common filter in analog devices and can be used to model its effects in software. Such a filter is typically present as part of any input or output.
For example an analog channel strip will have a high-pass at ~5 Hz as part of the input followed by a gain stage with a low-pass at ~25 kHz. The output will also likely include an additional high-pass at ~5 Hz or less (1/2 Hz is very common) for a total of 12 dB/o high-pass and 6 dB/o low-pass.
This is only a minor release in terms of new features.

It's ALIVE!!!

30 June 2017

I have Xhip working as a native Linux plug-in; although only partially and with some caveats.

If interested you can try it out in its current state as an alpha.