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Xhip Effects v6.7

02 November 2017

I've updated Xhip Effects to v6.7 for Windows to include the skinning/sizing features of the GUI. This version includes the new "Vocal" vowel filter effect as well and matches the features of the alpha versions released for Linux and MacOS.

An official non-alpha v6.7 for Linux is pending for both 64-bit and 32-bit versions which will then be kept up-to-date with the official releases.

Much more work is required to port the GUI to MacOS before an official version can be released.

Synthesizer and Effects released for Linux & MacOS

28 October 2017

Both native Linux and MacOS ports of the synthesizer and effects are now available from their respective pages.

More work remains to be done before these are working exactly like the Windows version and so they will remain "alpha" until that work is complete. Since users on Linux or MacOS have no other option however it was decided that these versions should be provided alongside the Windows version as they are improved.

In that sense there will be "release alpha" versions which are known to be stable on the main pages while the usual more frequent updates will occur only on the alpha page.

Xhip Effects for MacOS

25 October 2017

I've added Xhip Effects for MacOS to the alpha page.

The alpha doesn't have a GUI but the effects work fully without one, so they are otherwise complete and seem to function without issue.

Xhip Effects for Linux

23 October 2017

I've uploaded an alpha version of Xhip Effects for Linux.

So far the GUI is working completely albeit with some minor issues. This version will run by default at a larger size (2x) and does not include bitmap strips for widgets. Some skinning functionality is supported including the ability to customize spacing, sizes, fonts, widgets, colors and other options.

The most interesting feature is without a doubt the ability to adjust the size of the GUI to any fractional scale such as 1/2 or 8.

Xhip for MacOS

18 October 2017

I've uploaded an alpha version of Xhip for OSX.

This version lacks a GUI and requires some testing to ensure it is stable and works correctly in various hosts.