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If I bothered to post it...

Xhip Version 8 RC 1

22 February 2017

I've posted the latest release candidate to the alpha page.

Unfortunately there are a few issues remaining. Mostly I still need to go through a parameter-by-parameter and feature-by-feature checklist to ensure everything works correctly and make a few decisions about whether to do anything about certain issues or simply leave those features out for now.

That said, this version is now 99% of the way there and it shouldn't be long before I'm unable to find anything more that needs to be done before a release.

Xhip Alpha r832

14 February 2017

I've gotten a lot closer to a release candidate with this version.

During some testing I discovered numerous problems with the synthesizer involving functions such as glide and importing old Xhip v7 presets and banks.

Due to this I'd like to postpone the RC stage until I've cleared all the issues off my list and gone "bug"-hunting a few more times and come back empty-handed.

Most of what will be Xhip v8 is already implemented and working fine. My TODO list is very short now and includes only a single feature, all the rest being test procedures and checks that are still needed.

I have tested this version as a direct replacement for version 7 and it does work (everything is imported correctly) with only minor differences in timbre in some cases. Due to other issues however I've released this version as alpha meaning it can not yet be used to replace v7 directly. Get it from the alpha page if interested and let me know if you find any issues.

WIP: Xhip menu

11 May 2016

I've been working away little by little at getting the buttons replaced by a single menu in Xhip. This likely will mean some shifting of various elements due to the space made available by elimination of the buttons.

As you can see I've moved the peak meter LEDs and made some other minor adjustments around the GUI.

At this point the functions on the menu are only half-way implemented. Most of the basic functions like "load preset" and "randomize preset name" work but there is a lot more to do including an addition of the ability to display/load/replace/remove CC map and PCM entries.

The next version will also include a new file ".xhipstate" and I may decide to change the name of new presets and banks to ".xhippreset" and ".xhipbank" due to the fact these files are now in an entirely incompatible format with version 7.

Other stuff will also be possible with the menu. It is a little more work to go through the menu than hitting a button although the buttons were for rarely accessed features while it makes more sense to focus GUI real-estate on those elements most often used.

Updated "notelogic"

21 April 2016

I've updated and partially replaced the voice-allocator MIDI processing plug-in documentation page. See the link on the effects page to download it.

Updated alpha

21 April 2016

I've uploaded the latest alpha (r712) "route-atouille" which includes a routing chunk.

See the alpha page for other changes and email me with any comments/questions.

Next I'd like to store a PCM chunk in projects (and therefore fxb files) which will make the PCM feature much more useful.