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If I bothered to post it...

"Updated effects documentation"
26 January 2015

I've updated the way the documentation pages for the effects are presented. There are now individual download links available on the effect pages, although these should be considered "alpha" at this point in time.

Unfortunately the structure of the documentation links on the main effects page is still hand-written.

Hopefully more updates to come...

"Updated alpha page"
24 January 2015

Not much need to go into detail here, but I've added the alpha page back to the main navigation links on the site and updated the content there.

"Xhip.nets all the way down"
06 November 2014

You're clever, young man, very clever, ...


... but it's Xhip all the way down!

"Nothing new to report."
08 October 2014
a duck


"Youtube Xhip!"
17 September 2014

Added a strange video of Xhip to youtube. See the video for description of the clip.

For anyone wondering why you'd need to be falling head-first out of a tree on a beach to get this gradient... It would normally start out indigo/purple on top and fade to orange, so I had it reversed.