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Menu arrows

12 February 2016

Once in a while I'll suddenly find something that bugs me. Likely it has bugged me for a long time when some change makes it far more bothersome.

In this case the menus in Xhip have always needed some sort of arrow icon to mark sub-menus although at such low resolution it was reasonable to use ASCII art.

With the introduction of the resizable GUI this was no longer reasonable at all.

New alpha

09 February 2016

I've released a new alpha of Xhip.

This release includes many small changes, most notable is support for font resources. The GUI when resized will now utilize the nearest sized font. These are in a custom format embedded in the plugin and so can not yet be customized.

There are a few remaining issues related to placement of text relative to bitmap graphics and the kerning (space between letters) for these fonts is far from ideal and must be manually adjusted.

The next items on the list include updates to the GUI code, buttons (replacement with menus) and state-saving for PCM, route and FX functions.


20 January 2016

の くき ふゆ.

Alsø alsø wik the majestik møøse

08 December 2015

A Møøse once bit my sister... No realli!


Xhip Effects R5 re-released

01 December 2015

I've recompiled and re-released the latest version of the effects.

This version includes a few minor tweaks and the addition of a larger font for group headers as well as a header section with the effect name and Xhip logo.

Get them at the effects page.