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"Youtube Xhip!"
17 September 2014

Added a strange video of Xhip to youtube. See the video for description of the clip.

For anyone wondering why you'd need to be falling head-first out of a tree on a beach to get this gradient... It would normally start out indigo/purple on top and fade to orange, so I had it reversed.

"Xhip alpha screenshot"
04 September 2014

Not much to report on at this point unfortunately. I haven't spent much focused effort on Xhip in the past two years, although some progress has been made.

I'm aiming to get the basics of the 'mod-matrix', effects and preset categories working fully before I upload another alpha.

Just a screenshot to show what this looks like at the moment... I've been wanting to improve the menu functionality (as seen in the filter menu) for quite some time, using a "div" system. At the moment the flexibility of the menu system is still quite limited.