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Xhip alpha r552 "Bug-fixes!" <3

14 February 2015

Just a few minor bug-fixes done in the latest alpha. The TODO list is getting very, very short with only three more elements before a RC can be built. The features remaining are some updates to the way presets are handled (custom init/clear preset, fixes for parameter routing and storage in presets and fixed import of version (7) preset/state data.)

This version includes the following fixes:

  • Red Vu meter LED now represents +3db/clipping.
  • Fixed reverb not working.
  • Fixed ringmod crash when "sidechain" used.
  • Reduced the oversampling filter quality for the ringmod.
  • Fixed display of filter modes vs. menu.
  • Ensured GUI is updated when loading programs or banks.
  • Default bank no longer loads from module path, must use appdata directory via load/save bank right-click menu.

    Reading anything from the module path is sort of bad-behavior for modern software, although I suppose if this bothers anyone I could read from the module path if the appdata directory doesn't exist.

Grab the latest version from the alpha page as usual.

New Xhip alpha

05 February 2015

I've uploaded a new alpha version of the synthesizer. In this version the categories and bank name work correctly. These should give an idea of how the presets will be arranged in the next release.

Parameter routing works!

29 January 2015

I've just uploaded a new alpha version in which the long awaited "parameter routing" matrix has finally begun to take form.

This version is not yet fully implemented but can be used to achieve many of the often desired functions that have been missing from Xhip.

    Such as:
  • Modwheel to vibrato depth.
  • Velocity or bender to multiple destinations.
  • Multiplicative mode.
  • Many inputs such as key, aftertouch, program, poly pressure and all MIDI CC.

This feature will improve in time as options for uni or bidi input, inversion and more are added.

Updated effects documentation

26 January 2015

I've updated the way the documentation pages for the effects are presented. There are now individual download links available on the effect pages, although these should be considered "alpha" at this point in time.

Unfortunately the structure of the documentation links on the main effects page is still hand-written.

Hopefully more updates to come...

Updated alpha page

24 January 2015

Not much need to go into detail here, but I've added the alpha page back to the main navigation links on the site and updated the content there.