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New version of Xhip Effects

07 September 2017

I've updated the effects to a new minor version. This version doesn't include any significant changes but is necessary to maintain compatibility with future versions that include more significant changes like new knobs/parameters.

New features in this release: 6f

Effects now use chunks for preset data.
Anyone using the effects should upgrade and load/re-save any projects to ensure compatibility with future releases.
The compressor threshold parameter has changed very slightly for values very close to 100% but should otherwise not be noticed.
Updated compressor and limiter with parameter readouts.
Compressor threshold parameter is now more accurate.
The threshold parameter is actually inverted compression depth. It has been adjusted to correspond to the threshold in gain reduction given a 0 dB input. Due to the non-linear response however the display of this parameter in decibels is not otherwise accurate and is only a reasonable approximation.
New RC Filter effect with low-pass and high-pass modes.
This is a general-purpose filter most useful as a quick high-pass or low-pass. It performs the same as a single RC filter circuit (resistor and capacitor) which is the most common filter in analog devices and can be used to model its effects in software. Such a filter is typically present as part of any input or output.
For example an analog channel strip will have a high-pass at ~5 Hz as part of the input followed by a gain stage with a low-pass at ~25 kHz. The output will also likely include an additional high-pass at ~5 Hz or less (1/2 Hz is very common) for a total of 12 dB/o high-pass and 6 dB/o low-pass.
This is only a minor release in terms of new features.

It's ALIVE!!!

30 June 2017

I have Xhip working as a native Linux plug-in; although only partially and with some caveats.

If interested you can try it out in its current state as an alpha.

Native Linux Xhip

21 June 2017

Xhip has now been re-compiled as a native Linux plug-in. The last Linux version was compiled way back in 2008 nearly ten years ago.

The GUI and supporting libraries have not yet been fully ported. There are some issues with my xlib windowing library implementation which seem to prevent the GUI from functioning correctly.

That said the GUI and graphics libraries and all supporting libraries do compile and work correctly on their own. The last remaining libs to be ported are very simple resource wrappers. Under Linux the implementation becomes almost a one-liner.

Most of the work will need to continue to be invested toward fixing issues with the implementation stemming from use of raw xlib to ensure maximum portability and zero dependency on additional external libs. Raw xlib implementation is significantly more complex than using one of several available frame-works, but also far more flexible and portable which are both requirements for Xhip to function as intended.

Let me know if you are interested in testing the GUI-less version of Xhip on Linux and whether you'd like a 32-bit or 64-bit binary. The plug-in is difficult to use without a GUI although it is possible to load FXB files using the host application after configuring the plug-in under a Windows host using Wine or similar.

Released Xhip v8

21 May 2017

There is not much to say about the release here. New features will be listed on the synthesizer page and an updated manual will be published in time.

For now I can create a simple and short list without going into detail.

New features:

Resizable GUI
MIDI to parameter routing
Embedded effects
Preset categories
Bank name
New LEDs
Buttons replaced with a menu
Improved preset menu
Improved parameter menus
Unison stereo width
Sine waveform
Save/load state files
User-customizable "init state"
PCM now saved in projects/state
Save/load "MIDI learn" CC map
Linear and differentiated xmod modes
Voice recycling switch
Various fixes and other improvements

Get it on the synthesizer page.

Xhip Version 8 RC 1

22 February 2017

I've posted the latest release candidate to the alpha page.

Unfortunately there are a few issues remaining. Mostly I still need to go through a parameter-by-parameter and feature-by-feature checklist to ensure everything works correctly and make a few decisions about whether to do anything about certain issues or simply leave those features out for now.

That said, this version is now 99% of the way there and it shouldn't be long before I'm unable to find anything more that needs to be done before a release.